Tip-Tap Basketball Pro

4.2 ( 6602 ratings )
Sports Jeux Arcade Sports
Développeur Tower One
0.99 USD


Tip-Tap Basketball Pro is an addictive, arcade style game for basketball lovers and casual gamers alike!

This PRO VERSION comes with two games in one!

Tip as many balls into the net in 60 seconds as you can. Each ball scores 2 points, but look out for the Golden 3-pt balls! Tip in consecutive balls to earn a multiplier bonus! Each star you collect will add one second onto your time limit, so grab as many as you can to keep playing, but be careful - tap a bomb and its game over!

Theres no time limit or stars in Strike Mode, just you, the balls, the bombs and a test of skill and reaction times! Tap the balls into the net whilst avoiding the bombs, but be careful, for each ball you miss you get a strike, avoid getting a third strike to keep the game going and to set a new high score!

Also new to the PRO VERSION is the High Scores screen! Keep track of your top scores for each game mode to compete with friends, family and even yourself!